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Join professional tour guide Roy Heizer for a historical tour through some of Cincinnati's most sinister tales. Serial Killers, True Crime, Mediums, Crazies, Tragedies, Paranormal Activity, and the just plain weird.  Come hear the stories of George Remus, Donald Harvey, Anna Marie Hahn, and other colorful characters. We will explore stories of outbreaks, corruption, floods...and other odd events.  Cincinnati is a vibrant city with a sometimes sinister history. From Asylums to Madmen; Murder, Suicide, and Weirdness abound in the city known as Porkopolis. Mr. Heizer will guide you through the strangely beautiful Clifton neighborhood. Come hear the stories of Cincinnati oddities. 

George Remus, King of the Bootleggers

George Remus


Donald Harvey, The Angel of Death


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For small group tours, we can customize an itinerary to emphasize your interests. If you have a special request, send us a message, and we will be sure to get back to you soon.

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